KikuPhones are super sleek.

Ergonomically designed, they fit snugly over your ears and rest behind your head.

KikuPhones are thin and discrete, like earbuds or smaller headphones.

They are so light and unobtrusive, you will barely notice you are wearing them.

KikuPhones include a USB charging input, volume and power buttons, and handy music pause, advance, and go back buttons.

Some models have a phone call and answer button.

Other models have 8GB of on-board music storage, with 5 EQ presets to control sound quality.


KikuPhones are versatile.

You can privately hear stereo sound just like ordinary headphones, while also hearing ambient noise.

KikuPhones are great for office use, running, cycling, and all sorts of other activities.

The wireless models connect easily to other Bluetooth(TM) devices.

This allows you to make and receive calls through any Bluetooth(TM) enabled cell phone.

With the wireless models, you can also use voice-controls and other voice-enabled features on your phone or other Bluetooth(TM) enabled device, hands-free!

The MP3 models come with 8GB of on-board storage.

With the MP3 models, all you have to do is load your music with the USB connector, and go!


KikuPhones are awesome.

They do not cover or insert into your ears.

Instead, KikuPhones use well-established bone conduction technology to transmit stereo sound through your skull to your eardrums.

This means you get high-quality stereo sound, but still hear the world around you!